Home Town Godley, TX
Date of Birth 3/26/35 - 5/2001 (deceased)
Profession Retired Airforce Colonel
Flight Time Total: 7,800 Aerobatic: 2,500
Pilot Ratings  Instrument, Commercial
No. Contests
Championships AWAC 1999
AWAC 1997
AWAC 2000 (Germany)
Associations EAA, IAC
Hobbies Restoring Antique Cars and Aircraft
28 years inthe U.S Airforce flying fighter aircraft. 15 years of flying aerobatic competition in my Skybolt and Pitts
Design 1982 Pitts S-IT
1986 Pitts S-1S
Performance Stall Speed: 55mph
Top Speed: 210mph
Roll Rate: 360º/per sec
Engine: Lycoming AEIO 360
Propeller: Hoffman
Horsepower: 200
Construction Airframe: Steel tube
Wings: Wood
Tailwheel: Maule
Skin: Fabric
Landing Gear: Standard
Enlarged ailerons
Interesting Facts Past U.S. Advanced Team Member, 1997 and 1999.

I began my career in 1954 as a U.S. Air Force engine mechanic. By 1957, I had my pilot wings and Second Lieutenant's commission, and then spent 28 years in the military. I spent 6 years as a member of USAF's elite "Air Commando" group, graduated from the USAF (Top Gun) Fighter Weapons School and flew all models of the F-4 during 3 combat tours in Southeast Aisa. I live with my wife Gracie on a small grass airstrip, Aresti Aerodrome, near Forth Worth, TX.