Ultimate 10 Dash 200

The Ultimate started as a replacement wing for the Pitts.  The Ultimate wing ended-up providing two extra G in each direction as well as a much faster roll rate.  Then, Gordon Price decided to build a fuselage around it to lessen the football appearance of the Pitts which were costing points in lack of proper judgment at aerobatics contests.

Side View
10 Dash 230
  • Normal Weight 
    • Maximum Weight: 1380 lbs. (625 kg)
    • Empty Weight: 976 lbs.(442 kg) 
    • Useful Load: 404 lbs.(184 kg)
  • Acro Weight 
    • Acro Weight: 1250 lbs. (567 kg)
    • Empty Weight: 976 lbs.(442 kg) 
    • Useful Load: 274 lbs. (125 kg)
  • Airspeeds 
    • Never Exceed: 210 MPH (340 km/h)  
    • Stall Speed: 61 MPH (98 km/h)
    • Cruise Speed: 170 MPH
  • Wing load: 13.4 lbs/ft²
  • Power load: 6.4 lbs/HP
  • Range: 500 nautical miles
  • Rate of Roll: 360 deg/sec
  • Rate of Climb: 5 vertical rolls on T/O


Also, the idea of an entry level aircraft popped in his mind and designed the 10-100 essentially to be powered by a common Continental O-200 (as found in cessnas 150).  Provisions were made to evolve to a Lycoming O-360 by simply replacing the motor mount and modifying the cowling.  That model was referred to as the 10-180 and then came the 10-200 which supported a Lycoming IO-360 (200-230hp).
About 30 sets of plans were sold of the latter.
Then came the 10-300 and the 20-300 which were respectively 1 and 2 seaters of the 300 hp family.