- My Helpers -

It takes a lot of help and support to undertake such a big project.
I certainly could not hope to build this airplane without the support of my friends
and family that are willing to lend a helping hand from time to time. 
This page is dedicated to the people that at one time or another help out
with the construction of the Laser.

My Mam
She always support the workers with well tasting lunch and snacks during endless working sessions.
She is the good soul of the team, ready to feed the hungry yaps!

Rolf Hankers
Rolf is the evaluator of the project and the best technical consultant for any kind of questions
you can have ... and I bother him frequently with my endless questions ...
He is well know in the avation arena beyond the German border.

Rainer Hofmann (left) & Christian Dietsch (right)
Rainer is the inspector for the project (he is aviation inspector class 1).
He need to sign and release all the things to service I made ;o)
Rainer owns a aircraft repair shop for many kinds of aircrafts.

Christian is the best welder you can get on earth.
He is very experienced in welding special things
(gluing metal together) ...
He also own a blacksmith's shop

Jens Guether
If you need any kind of help ... Jens is your man to sort things out !!!
He was the man of the first hour to help me to setup the work shop,
as I decided to build a Laser.

Uwe Peinl
Uwe is the technical responsible in our aeroclub, he is mainly doing all the
technical stuff and overhauls of the club internal aircraft equipment. He is mainly
working on wood and composite aircrafts. He is very experienced in skinning aircrafts ;o)

Udo Zipfel
Udo is very experienced in working with glass fiber and carbon technology.
He helps me a lot with the creation of the entire new cowling, because I couldn't use
 the cowling I bought from Devin York.

Alex Stegner
Alex is also a experienced experimental aircraft builder and aircraft mechanic.
If you need any kind of information how to build an aircraft, he is the man ...

Mario Kresse
Mario is a friend of mine since years. He was my roommate during college some
He is a enthusiastic home constructor, primarily screwing on motor bikes.

...  by the way that's me (the horned ...)

Many thanks again to all personally named and not named people, for their
great support of my project !