- Heating System -

creation of heating box (6061 T6 Alu .032 sheet metal)
after cutting and bending

air devider sheet metal (stainless steel) and levler

bottom sheet metal, holding in place by clecos

cutting 6061 T6 .049 Alu tube for flex tube connection

riveting of heating box and
mounting arm to air devider plate

check of air devider travel range

riveting of hose attachments to bottom cover

welding 2" hose to box an cutting 2 1/4" vent hole in the box

riveting of bottom hose attachments

heating system temporary installed at the firewall; but there is no
chance to localize the heating system; therfore I decide to keep it away ;o(

installation of air vent intake at right front engine baffle
(2" SCAT tube)

Air intake hose firewall break through

connection of air vent hose at panel mounted ball vent´(back view)