- Canopy -

The raw canopy, after arrival

Canopy release handle tubes cutted and put in place on jig ....

  ... after welding

attachments welded to release handle

preparation of removable canopy fuselage frame (left+right) in a jig
cutting and drilling tubes accordingly

welding of cross section tubes and drilling attachment tubes holes

tack welding of canopy fuse frame attachment tubes to fuselage
attached canopy release handle to canopy fuse frame

displaying max opening angle

cutting canopy frame tubes, bending front frame tube to instrument panel shape

tack welding front canopy frame tubes

bending of rear canopy frame tube

tack welding the rear bended frame tube to canopy frame in the correct angle

preparated frame support sheet metal (.063)

after welding the frame, side view

... and front view

first impression, how it may looks like with canopy bubble mounted ;o)

preparation of canopy attachment brackets

preparation of fuselage canopy attachment bracket

tack welding of canopy brackets to
fuse frame attachment

welding of canopy hinge

canopy frame opened

welding of canopy release attachment tubes to canopy frame

welding of release tubes to fuse frame extensions

bending and welding of canopy release handle

total view of release handle round bar

the assembled entire release mechanism, with canopy frame,
without return spring in the middle (fwd mount point view)

rear mount point

right side canopy attachments

installed release mechanism

release mechanism return spring and handle connection posh rod installed

total view of canopy release mechanism (left side)

preparation of canopy lock mechanism

preparation for welding of lock mechnism mounting plate to fuse

... and after welding

bending and drilling of emergency canopy release lever

mounting on fuse

some impressions how it may look like with installed canopy
- total view -

right sight view

front view

creating mould for carbon canopy frame mount

prepared to accept form filler

the mould is ready for shaping

after cutting to rough form

grinding mould to final shape and covering with body filler

resinate mould with three carbon layer

and the result precutted and mounted on the plane to check the alignment

front view, fits perfect ;o)

welding of attachment brackets to canopy frame and mounting of carbon frame

inside view

adjustment of canopy glass to frame and preparation for cutting & drilling

cutting carbon frame to final shape and drilling of carbon frame and glass,
holded by some clecos

glueing canopy glass to carbon frame holded by some screws to get a tight fit

installation of the canopy on fuselage to check alignments; left side view

... front wiew

riveting anchor nuts to canopy frame and bolting canopy glass to frame

mounting canopy back on fuselage to check alignment

adapt canopy finally to fuselage cover shape (compensate the gaps)

generation of a smooth transition between canopy and turtle deck,
to bridge the gap

adding three carbon layer to fill up the gaps (left side view)

... and right side view

cutting front cover to final shape (as you can see with perfect fit)

removing back cover and precutting the shape

preparation of rear canopy carbon cover for drilling

the result after drilling and final alignment (right side view)

and left side view

... and front total view

gluing canopy back cover to canopy glass

covering with body filler
and grinding cover to final shape (right side view)

left side view

front view

and final installation and adoptation to fuselage

right side view

... and the final result after painting (left side view)

front view

right side view

installed view

installation of canopy emergency release mechanism, incl. release cable

top view with installed release lever

detailed inside view

total outside view

installation of canopy check strap - fuselage mount point

canopy mount point

total view

gluing edge protection to canopy frame; back side

front side