- Panel -

The first panel layout

and the first panel mockup to check the relations

... now back to basic's,
means cutting of stainless steel sheet metal and bending for panel

after intial bending of edges, but the stainless panel isn't used,
because it's to heavy. The alternative is carbon ;o)

bending of alu angle metal according to panel shape and cutting 2 mm carbon plate
front view

screwing alu metal to carbon plate using 8/32 stainless screws
back view

Panel mounted at the aircraft (back view)

and the front view of the installed panel

locating GPS place ;o)   ... and found one

riveting of anchornuts for metal sheet metal cover

inside view with installed canopy

positioning of all devices on  instrument panel (back view)

VM 1000C cut out (front view)

VM 1000C cut out (back view)

preparing switch board, to attach switches on panel

switch board ready drilled and switches mounted (front view)

switch board back view

switch board installed

panel primed and grinded, ready for final painting

preparation of ball vent hose attachment (drilling and riveting of anchor nuts)

installation of hose attachement and ball vent to panel

painting of panel and installation of instruments

back view right side

external shunt installed at panel backside

back view left side

inside view wih closed canopy

creation of right side panel for external 12V power connection and headset jacks
(back view)

front view

pilots view

dynamic and static pressure tubes installed

final panel overview

... and last but not least the final view