- Fuel system -

The fuel system concept

Aux fuel tank mock-up (capacity 25 l) to check correct location on fuselage

and the main tank mock-up (capacity 78l)

and the plywood form sheet for sheet metal cutting

and the mock-up installed

top view

preparation of main fuel tank fuselage brackets
(bending laser cutted sheet metal and cutting 3/8" spacer tubes)

and ready welded main tank brackets

ready welded AUX fuel tank (fifferent views)

top view

side view

bottom view

installed flop tube inside the tank

preparation of AUX tank rear attachment tubes (cutted and welded)

adjustment of attachment tubes to tank holding straps (both sides) and tack welding

tack welding of top attachment sheet metal strap holder

after welding of top AUX tank strap attachments

and the finally installed AUX tank (different views)

ready installed main fuel tank to fuselage with tank straps

front view

side view

top view

and bottom view

gascolator with mounting bracket

welding of gascolator brackets to fuselage (below left side of seat)

main fuel tank ready welded and mounted in test frame

Christian's company logo on the main tank visible

main tank installed
... back view

creating of tank seal rubber

installation of tank cap seal

creation of fuel valve attachment sheet metal (main shut off valve and Aux valve)
incl. mounting of main tank shut off valve to fuselaage

mounting of Aux valve to fuselage

cutting, drilling, bending and grinding of .32 Alu sheet metal for Aux pump
bracket; top view

bottom view

installation of Bosch inline fuel punp to pump bracket mounted on fuse

bottom view

installation of quick disconnector from Aux pump to 3 way Aux switch

installation of smoke transfer hose to firewall

firewall breackthrough of smoke line

firewall front view of smoke bulkhead fitting

installation of aux main tank re-fuel line, incl. inline fuel filter

installation of main tank fittings

installation of lower tank fittings, inkl. drain valve

installation of main fuel tank fuel line to shut off valve

installation of fuel line from shut off valve to gascolator

installation of fuel line from gascolator to firewall

firewall view

installation of Weldon boost pump to firewall incl. fuel lines

fuel line installation between boost punp and mechanical pump
(below the governor attachment)

installation of fuel lines to mechanical fuel pump

installation of fuel flow transducer into fuel line between
fuel pump and fuel servo

bottom view, other side fixed with clamp to oil hose

installation of fuel line to fuel servo

installation of firesleeve at all fuel lines

installation of fuel pressure gauge hose incl. firesleeve

fuel pressure gauge installed at firewall (gauge in the

detail view of fuel devider installation

installation of fuel line to fuel devider, incl. firesleeve

installation of fuel drain line from both fuel pumps

firewall breakthrough of fuel vent line from main tank

installation of AUX fuel tank

installation of mail AUX fuel line

fuselage fixation of AUX fuel line

rear quick disconnect installation

AUX fuel pump and front quick disconnect installation

Vent line installation

vent line rear bottom cover breakthrough