- Engine -

The raw unmodified engine *grrr* O-360 A1AD

 Sky Dynamics Maxi sump system

Sky Dynamics cold air induction system

Sky Dynamics 4 into1 exhaust system incl. heat muffler

Engine installed first time with maxi oil sump, cold air induction system
and 4into1 exhaust system (left side view)

(front view)

(right side view)

(top view)

now I decided to go for a new engine modified by Lycon
AEIO 360 B1B roller lifter engine with 260 HP and
we proudly present the result; many thanks to Ken & the Lycon guys,
 as well thanks to Udo Berning for the great support of geeting the engine

installation of the oil seperator to firewall incl. oil breather line

and the other side of the breather line on engine accessory case

installation of gravity valve to firewall inkl. oil lines
(with a 8° angle setup for improved vertical oil pickup through the VAC II/4
adaptor at the vac pump pad)

installation of B&C SD-8 alternator to vac pump pad

installation of regulator to firewall

installation of throttle, mixer and governor control cable to fuselage

total view

creation & installation of throttle cable attachment bracket and cable

creation & installation of mixer cable attachment bracket and cable

creation  of governor cable attachment brackets

installation of governor cable attachment bracket

checking the engine offset with a laser line tool; offset is 0° !!!

priming and painting of mixer, throttle and covernor control attachment brackets

installation of baffle's (rear right side)

back view of rear right baffle

front view of rear right baffle

left rear baffle; front view

left rear baffle; back view

rear left side

foward right buffle incl. cabin air intake installed

bottom view

... and top cowling installed

forward left baffle

bottom view

... and top cowling installed

installation of ignition wire and fuel pressure line to rear engine baffle

manifold, fuel & oil pressure gauge installation at firewall

gauges bolted on firewall using an Adel clamp

installation of new special made Sky Dynamics 4/1 exhaust system,
because the previous system doesn't fit
well to the new engine ...
Many thanks to Kevin Murray for the excellent workmanship !!!

... the other side ...

installation of collector attachment to engine mount

... and installation of engine breather line to exhaust collector
(special 120° fitting in the middle)

installation of oil cooler and ignition wire at rear left engine baffle

manufactoring of an air guide plate to rear oil cooler to avoid heat jam
under the top cowling during flight

bottom view to oil cooler

rear oil cooler bolted on rear engine baffle using AN3 bolts

installation of oil hoses and oil cooler fixation bracket

creation of front oil cooler attachment plates

lightweight front oil cooler

oil cooler with attached mounting brackets

installation of front oil cooler to engine baffle

front view with installed oil hose

left side view

attachment bracket for rear engine baffle

attachment bracket installed @ engine

anchor nuts riveted to right rear engine baffle

installed view

creation of side engine baffle connection bracket (left & right
side )

drilled right side baffle prior installation

connection bracket fixed with cleco's

bracket riveted to side baffle (right outside view)

left inside view

removed paint from oil  sump to be able to bond engine preheater to oil sump
preheater installed at rear oil sump

installation of engine oil cooler baffle

installalation of MT Prop, Thanx again to MT Propeller for the great support

side view

air intake tube fabricated and installed

front view

welding of smoke fittings to exhaust pipe

* * *
Aircraft at first engine test run December 31. 2008 (-10°C outside temperature)

installation of engine baffle seals- right side view

left side view

baffle seal right front detail

baffle seal left front detail