- Cowling -

The original Ultimate 10-200 cowling, after arrival

top cowl

bottom cowl

one additional carbon layer added to top cowl for more structural stiffness

mounting top and bottom cowl for correct alignment,
because they don't fit by nature ...

and the result from inside, holding shape by using 8/32 screws
(you clearly see the difference between carbon and fiberglass)

as you can see, the bottom cowl dosn't fit to the Laser firewall (known problem),
because the Ultimate engine mount is a little bit smaller, than the Laser engine
mount - therefore some adaptation need to be done, to get it in position ;o)

after cutting bottom cowl to fit firewall

 preparation for special "cowl gluing", by forming cowl in place with straps & stuff
(russian method, but very effective)

adding 3 carbon layer for stiffness and getting the shape stable (inside cowl view)

cowling mounted on the "real" firewall to check alignment ... fits perfect

front view

add an additional carbon layer to bottom cowl

preparation to install camlok fasteners

final look ;o)

top cowling installed

total view, but not in final position

lower cowl doesn't fit, because modifications of exhaust system (right side)

left side
... Oh boy, there is still some work to do ...

fix cowl in place and correction of cowl downward angle

cowl modifications started, by gluing mould ribs to bottom cowl

front view with all ribs in place

filling form filler between ribs

grinding form filler to final raw shape

stopping of final shape (side view)

front view

resinate mould with three glass fiber and one carbon layer for structural stiffness
(right sie view)

bottom view

top view

cowl grinded and prepared to make a new mould out of it (inside view)

outside view

left side finished

cowl primed prior mould creation

new moulds for upper and lower cowl need to be created,
based on the existing cowling

bottom cowl made out of the new mould;
front view

right side view

with mounted propeller to adopt the cowling perfect to the prop spinner

right side view

final spinner adaptation done to get a smooth transition between
spinner to the cowling and get ready to create the final mould

final prep of lower cowl, prior mould creation

mould for
lower cowl created and waxed

coating of the first
epoxy layer, done by Udo

lower cowl done with 3 layer 400g/m² carbon and 1 layer 100 g/m² glass fiber
and pre cutted

adaptation of lower cowl to aircraft - right side

left side

prop to spinner transition check

left side air intake

right side air intake

lower cut out

lower cowl attached to firewall -right side

left side

RAM air intake cut out on lower cowl

RAM air intake installed

cowl adapted to RAM air intake
right side view

front view

disassembled cowl - inside view

inside right side view

RAM air intake glued into lower cowl, incl. creation of aerodynamic
adaptation to cowl

inside view

preparation of exhaust vent rips

cowl prep to insert exhaust ribs

ribs fixed in place with clecos and preparation of cowl rear angle

final result

cowl prepared for painting

front view

cowl finally mounted on plane

cutting oil access door into upper cowl

cutting dent for access door into upper cowl, premounting of access door
with clecos

riveting access door to cowl

total voew of oil access door

cowling after painting, mounted - front view

left side view