- Firewall -

Cutting stainless steel sheet metal (0,5 mm) according to firewall drawing
and positioned between the formblock and bracking board and
the whole sandwich was clambed using serveral clams as shown

the firewall was formed as much as possible and the cornes are especially
formed by using a shrinker tool and the result looks like this (right side view)

... left side view

and the lower firewall section (left view)

creation of governor hollow on firewall, because governor hits deathly the firewall

cut out for hollow on firewall

drilling and attachment holes to firewall and fixing hollow with cleco's

drilling holes for anchor nuts

riveting anchor nuts and screwing hollow to firewall

checking of alignment with installed governor; fits ;o)

... and there is enough space to fuel tank in the back (still 1cm space)

gluing rubber to edge of firewall attachment side

riveting of camlocks to firewall

top view of camlocks

final installed upper cowl