- Rudder -

First 1:1 drawing

cutting and bending of T25 ribs

cutting tues and putting tubes and T25 ribs in place

attach hinges to rudder spar and tack welding rudder

welding of rudder

vertical stabilizer and rudder check for correct alignment to fuselage

cutting of hinge straps and drilling mounting holes for AN4 bolts

rudder ready mounted on tail fin

monting of rudder horn to rudder spar

adjustment of correkt allignment of rudder horn to spar

welding of rudder horn to rudder spar

and welding of brace sheet metal to horn and rudder spar

adjustment of rudder gap to rudder fin

welding of trim tab mounting brackets to rudder

cutting, drilling and bending and installation
of rudder trim tab

riveting of floating anchor nuts to rudder for trim tab mounting

bolting rudder trim tab to rudder

done ...