- Elevator -

First 1:1 drawing incl.  bended elevator rear tube

cutting, bend and adapting T25 Ribs to elevator front & Rear tubes
and cutting of tube ends according to drawing

putting elevator hinges in place at elevator spar tube, ...

... before tack welding the elev.

tack welding of the elevator tubes and ribs

... after complete welding of elevator

cutting and drilling of hinge fin's

and after cutting ...

preparing of elev attach bracket + KP4 bearing and AN4 bolt+washer
(cutting  tube and  laser cutted sheet metal and welding of both)

assembly of elev bracket parts

welding of bracket to fuselage and attachement of elev horn

Check correct allignment angle to push tube for correct travel

welding done of elev horn

bending an arrangement of trim tab elev rib to elev + tack welding

ready welded rib before and after cutting of back tube

check correct allignment with trim tab

elevator after powder coating

riveting of floating anchor nuts to elevator (left & right) for trim tab mounting

done ...