- Elevator stabilizer -

First 1:1 drawing

cutting tubes in place ...

Cut, bend and drill T25 ribs to fit tubes

insert T25 ribs into elevator stabilizer frame

bending of elevator stab front spar tube

tack welding both (left & right) elevator stab frames

after entire welding

drilling of attach tube holes into elev stab and cutting of support tubes

final check both stabs before welding support tubes for correct placement

welding of support tubes and preparation of stab allignment to fuse
and mounting to fuselage

drilling attachment holes to stab and fuse

and the mounted elev stabs, ready

preparation of V-bracket to fit elev hinges

preparation and welding of V-brackets to elev stab

ready welded  V-bracket

drilling of trim tab actuating tube holes
and welding of T25 rib reinforcements

and the ready welded trim system guide

elevator stabs after powder coating

riveting of floating anchor nuts to elevator stabs (left & right)

done ...