- Seat -

The fuselage without installed seat
first ergonomically seat positioning studies supported by my friend Jens
(he usually looks better, than this ;o)

cutted tubes for bottom seat frame on jig

welding of bottom seat frame

welding of distance tubes on bottom seat frame

putting seat in place at the fuselage and tack welding of all frame connecting tubes

the same, but left side view

welding of seat cover attachment brackets

... and ready welded

and finally the seat covered with Aluminium sheet metal plates

... to have a more convenient seat position,
I made a special back seat with a parachute mould

that's the modified back seat, after cutting bending
and welding of the sheet metal, attached to the fuselage

and of course installed, back side view

total view

preparation of harness attachment brackets for bending,
after cutting sheet metal

after bending and drilling, according to drawings

attaching harness brackets to fuselage

after welding on fuselage (left & rigtht)

shoulder harness attachment brackets after bending and drilling

installation on fuselage

after final welding

riveting of anchor nuts to seat frame

bolting seat to frame

riveting of anchor nuts to seat back frame

bolting seat back to frame

installation of prefabricated shoulder harness attachment cables

installation of shoulder harness mounting bracket (detailed view)

total view of installed 5 point Hooker aerobatic harness and baggage compartment

cutting AUX fuel tank access door hole into baggage
compartment ground plate

cutting access door and spacer

drilling holes for camlocks

riveting camlock attachment
and spacer to baggage compartment ground plate
(bottom view)

top view with access door (camlock pins installed)

final bottom view (check AUX fuel tank clearance)

final top view

done ...