- Flight Control System -

Bearing plug

fit into torque tube

front & rear bearing  block + bearing plug

the skimmed bearing blocks & bearing plug

cutting sheet metall & drill support holes
 of torque tube assembly (stick control housing)

ready welded control stick housing  ...

mounted on  torque tube

cutting sheet metal & tubes for elevator front idler arm torque tube housing

tack welding of idler arm support tubes to housing

tack welded of front elev. idler arm housing

housing welded + welding preparation for aileron connection plate's

and the ready welded torque tube assy.

preparation (cutting square tube, support tube and drilling support tube hole
into square tube; cutting and drilling attach plates) of elevator front idler arm

ready welded
elevator front idler arm

preparation of bearing cage and control stick plate's
for  tack welding

... and the ready welded control stick

preparation of torque tube attachment tubes

tack welding of attachments with installed torque tube

front (with KP6 bearing) and rear bearing block mounted on fuselage

KP4 bearings inserted into stick bearing cage
and stick mounted on torque tube (max fwd/aft travel displayed)

all ready tack welded tubes and arms

aileron bellcrank fuse support tubes are cutted and put in place

aileron bellcrank fuse support tubes and bellcrank mount are welded
... and the entire aileron installation state from top view ...
fwd & aft push tubes and elev idler arm installed

ready assembled rudder pedals and mounted on fuselage

installation of rudder cable supprot tubes

and ready mounted rudder cable with turnbuckles

cutting tubes for throttle and putting into jig for welding

throttle after welding

cutting and drilling of tubes for throttle body, mixture and prop

allignment check of throttle body, mixure and prop on fuselage after tack welding

bending and grinding of throttle attachment bracket (laser pre cutted)

installation of bracket on throttle control cable, allowing free travel

final, after welding and installation of throttle control cable

components back from powder coating

all tubes and arms, ready for final assembly

torque tube idler arm installation detail

finishing throttle with PTT button and cable

... installed throttle

final installed torque tube and aileron push tubes

installed elevator push tubes

... and all flight controls adjusted according to spec

 elevator push tubes top view

rear elevator idler arm

top view

... and rear view to elevator horn and trim tab