- Main Gear -

Grove Aircraft special light weight wheels and brake

and of course the the tubes and  tires

carbon wheel pants

incl. wheel pant cover
gear attach plates after welding

cutting of alu (6061T6) bar for gear attachments

ready cutted and drilled attachments (prepared for milling)

first time
one piece spring gear mounted to fuselage to check allignment

gear mounted on fuse with complete wheels

milling of the gear attach bar (both sides)

gear finally attached to fuselage

cutting and drilling of gear attach plate

attached to spring gear

bending and drilling of laser precuted wheel pant attach plate to fit to pants

mounting wheel pants to main gear; nothing fits by nature ;o(
(it looks simple, but without any refernce, it's driving you nuts-total 26 hours!!!)

fixation by using clecos - left side

final mounting with screws - left side

fixation by using clecos, final mounting with screws - right side

cutting and grinding of wheel pant covers (left/right)

mounting covers to wheel pants-left side

right side

preparation of pant alignment on jig to center line and drilling of axle attachment hole

the result after drilling, right & left side

only the trust in god and your physical taffness lead you to final victory ;o)

and the final result looks like this !!!

angle of pants is perfect

finaly mounting of anchor nuts to pants, both sides

attach covers to wheel pants -outside view

wheel pant adapter made out of 6061 T6 Alu

installation of brakes to gear and installation of brake line

total view

installation of brake line to pedals

installation of firewall T-fitting incl. brake lines

other side of firewall

installation of brake fluid reservoir and brake line

to be continued ...