- Wing Attachments -

Preparation of main & rear  spar attachment sheet metals,
by using laser cutted sheet metal parts to get more accuracy

preparation & welding of main spar sheet metal done

welding of bolt support bushings on attachments,
by using a jig for correct location and spacing

wing meets fuselage first time to allign main & rear spar attachments

adjustment of wing level equal to fuselage level

allignment of wing center line to level

center spar center line to fuselage center line for correct position

tack welding of main spar attachments to fuselage

preparation and welding of rear attach plates

mounting rear attach plates on fuselage and allignment to the wing (left ...

... & right side)

preparation of cover sheet metal for both sides (front, top, bottom)

removing of the wing to finish welding of main & rear spar  attachements

... short after welding of main spar attachments

welding of rear wing attachment sheet metal cover to give them the final shape

... short after welding of rear spar attachments

after insertion, welding and grinding of longeron attach assy and main spar attachments

after welding and grinding of rear wing attachment (left side ...)

... and right side

wing complete mounted on fuselage