- Fuselage -

The tacked fuselage arrival

opened the box

first stage at the work shop

structural welding of the entire fuselage, with special rotatable frame

welding of fuselage
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fuselage after complete structural welding back home

elevator stab mounting tube drillend for support tubes, reday for welding

elevator front stab mounting tube, after welding

preparing main gear sheet metal plates

tack welding of main gear sheet metals

finish welded main gear sheet metals

preparing engine mount support plates (cutting & drilling sheet metal to fit fuse hloes)

welding of
engine mount support plates

aligning the fuselage to level to accept wing

top longerons are cutted by my friend Jens (very concentrated)

... after cutting

special laser cutted parts

welding of wing attachments in devotional attitude

tack welding of horizontal stab attach tubes

... and mounted stabilizer for check of

after welding of tail section attach tubes and plates to fuselage

preparation of longeron attach tube by using laser cutted longeron attach plates
and cutted attach tubes

after welding of attach tubes and plates to previous cutted longeron tubes

preparation of
longeron attach assy for fuselage insertion

... after welding on the right side (as example, but done on both sides)

gear, tailwheel, wing and tail section complete mounted on fuse

front and rear turtle deck frame tubes prepared

... tack welded front frame

plus front frame brace tubes

and tack welded rear frame

welding finished of rear section

preparation of pilot step
(streamline tube covered with sheet metal plate, aerodynamically)

welding of pilot step to fuselage

preparation of battery mounting brackets (after cutting and bending)

after welding of battery mounting brackets

battery frame mounted on fuse brackets

plywood board installed (to get a clear surface for the battery to sit on)

bottom view

and total view with installed seat back

cutting of .050 shet metal for battery holder

after bending

and after welding

drilling of holes in battery holder and fuselage

cutting of .025 sheet metal of rear
fuselage cover

after bending

after preparation for welding

after welding on fuselage, left & right side

cutting and drilling of a big spar dummy as preparation for
fuselage stress test

Now the last chapter for the fuselage: the stress test ;o)

preparation of the fuselage; mounting engine with straps on the ground

set fuse level

putting precutted wood sheet on elevator stab

align laser level measurement tools to measurement points

now the party starts ...
... with 145kg each side

increasing to 265kg each side

and asymmetrical stress test, right 80kg and left 265kg

and the result is perfect; no structural deformation ;o)
all systems go!

and of course, nothing works without helping friends; thanks again guys!

fuselage after powder coating (RAL-1037 /Sonnengelb) ;o)

done ...