- Elevator Trim System -

trim tabs are screwed on elevator (bottom view)

and the other trim tab screwed on elevator (top view)

welding support tube to idler arms (& drilling tube holes)

cutting trim support tube on elev mount (before)

and after cutting and reaming

check allignment of trim guide tube on both elev stabs

welding of elev rib reinforcement attachments

welding of elev stab reinforcements and support tubes of trim system tube

preparation of trim cable mount on fuselage

drilling of torque tube holes in relation to the idler arm

cable mount welded and idler arm installed with both torque tubes installed

cutting and bending of trim tab push tube

installing idler arms to push tube

and connect trim tab to push tube

first entire trim system setup

trim system complete installed incl. push tubes

installation of rudder trim tab

welding of trim wheel attachment to fuse and
mounting of trim wheel

welding of idler arm attachment to fuselage (rigth side of picture)

welding of idler arm to trim sproket

installation of 1/4 chain and sproket

welding of trim wire attach bracket to fuselage

trim tabs installed on elevator

push tube installed

control cable installed @ tail section

detailed view of sprocket mechanism with mounted control cable

total view of trim wheel mechanism

creation of trim idler arm to convert push to pull movement and vise versa

trim calble fixation (forward)


detailed installation view

Total overview